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Adult Fiction and Non-Fiction
Feature Titles
Nnedi Okorafor
Paperback | Nov 2014
in store $15.99

Every Day Is for the Thief
Teju Cole
Paperback | Mar 2015
in store $18.00

The Book of Unknown Americans
Cristina Henriquez
Paperback | Mar 2015
in store $21.00

The Secret of Magic
Deborah Johnson
Paperback | Jan 2015
in store $18.00

For Colored Boys Who Have Considered Suicide When the Rainbow is Still Not Enough
Keith Boykin
Paperback | Aug 2012
in store $24.95

Ben Jealous
Paperback | Feb 2015
in store $18.00

Teaching Will
Mel Ryane
Paperback | Sep 2014
in store $21.50

Medicine Walk
Richard Wagamese
Paperback | Mar 2015
in store $17.95

All My Puny Sorrows
Miriam Toews
Paperback | Feb 2015
in store $22.00

The Ever After of Ashwin Rao
Padma Viswanathan
Paperback | Feb 2015
in store $21.00

An Untamed State
Roxane Gay
Paperback | May 2014
in store $20.95

The Misadventures of Awkward Black Girl
Issa Rae
Hardcover | Feb 2015
in store $32.00

Can't Stop Won't Stop
Jeff Chang
Paperback | Dec 2005
in store $21.99

Fresh Off the Boat (TV Tie-in Edition)
Eddie Huang
Paperback | Mar 2015
in store $18.00

Higher Ed
Tessa McWatt
Hardcover | Mar 2015
in store $29.95

Trinidad Noir
Lisa Allen-Agostini
Paperback | Aug 2008
in store $21.95

The Nonviolence Handbook
Michael N Nagler
Paperback | Mar 2014
in store $16.00

Detained and Deported
Margaret Regan
Hardcover | Mar 2015
in store $28.95
A Different Booklist Celebrates Women's Month and International Day for the elimination of Racial Discrimination
Staff Picks for the Month of March: 

Itah Picks!: 

Children Literature

My Three Best Friends and Me Zulay Zulay and her three best friends are all in the same first grade class and study the same things, even though Zulay is blind. When their teacher asks her students what activity they want to do on Field Day, Zulay surprises everyone when she says she wants to run a race. With the help of a special aide and the support of her friends, Zulay does just that.

Emmanuel's Dream Born in Ghana, West Africa, with one deformed leg, he was dismissed by most people—but not by his mother, who taught him to reach for his dreams. As a boy, Emmanuel hopped to school more than two miles each way, learned to play soccer, left home at age thirteen to provide for his family, and, eventually, became a cyclist

Young Adults Literature

Brown Girl Dreaming  Raised in South Carolina and New York, Woodson always felt halfway home in each place. In vivid poems, she shares what it was like to grow up as an African American in the 1960s and 1970s, living with the remnants of Jim Crow and her growing awareness of the Civil Rights movement.

Adults Fiction

Santimanitay Santimanity is infused with the technicolor pageantry of Carnival that beats so fervently at the heart of its predecessor title Across from the Laperyrouse. Familiar faces from the author's debut novel reappear and we glimpse the darkness lurking beneat the surface of Gloria's talent. 

Adult's Non-Fiction: 

Educating Black Girls  Making use of the latest trends and statistics, Educating Black Girls is a guidebook that looks at the academic performances of African American girls from kindergarten through high school. This work dissects such issues as the disproportionate number of black girls suspended from school; the low expectations of teachers; and the small number of African American girls who pursue careers in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. It also offers more than 50 potential solutions for improving academic achievement.

Cassandra Picks! 

Children Literature 

When Harriet Sojourner 
Two women with similar backgrounds. Both slaves; both fiercely independent. Both great, in different ways. Harriet Tubman: brave pioneer who led her fellow slaves to freedom, larger than life . . . yearning to be free. Sojourner Truth: strong woman who spoke up for African American rights, tall as a tree . . . yearning to be free.One day in 1864, the lives of these two women came together. When Harriet Met Sojourner is a portrait of these two remarkable women, from their inauspicious beginnings to their pivotal roles in the battle for America's future.

Young Adults 

Unstoppable Octobia May 
Octobia May is girl filled with questions. Her heart condition makes her special — and, some folks would argue, gives this ten-year-old powers that make her a "wise soul." Thank goodness for Auntie, who convinces Octobia's parents to let her live in her boarding house that is filled with old folks. That's when trouble, and excitement, and wonder begin. 

Adult Fiction 
Brown Girl in the Ring The rich and privileged have fled the city, barricaded it behind roadblocks, and left it to crumble. The inner city has had to rediscover old ways-farming, barter, herb lore. But now the monied need a harvest of bodies, and so they prey upon the helpless of the streets. With nowhere to turn, a young woman must open herself to ancient truths, eternal powers, and the tragic mystery surrounding her mother and grandmother.

Adult Non-Fiction 

Redefining Realness In this New York Times bestseller—the first transgender memoir written by an African American—an extraordinary young woman recounts her coming-of-age. “Undercurrents of strong emotion swirl throughout this well-written book…An enlightening, much-needed perspective on transgender identity” (Kirkus Reviews). 

Naomi Picks!

Children Literature

I AM. Magical ME! celebrates the magic that is inside each of us. These pages are an invitation to dialogue about what brings these feelings to you and your children. Connect mindfully and authentically to your feelings, thoughts and emotions and get to know who you are, in this moment. Enjoy your inner discovery and always remember the magic is inside you!

Young Adult 

Taking Flight:  The extraordinary memoir of Michaela DePrince, a young dancer who escaped war-torn Sierra Leone for the rarefied heights of American ballet.

Adult Fiction 

Dana, a modern black woman, is celebrating her twenty-sixth birthday with her new husband when she is snatched abruptly from her home in California and transported to the antebellum South. Rufus, the white son of a plantation owner, is drowning, and Dana has been summoned to save him. Dana is drawn back repeatedly through time to the slave quarters, and each time the stay grows longer, more arduous, and more dangerous until it is uncertain whether or not Dana's life will end, long before it has a chance to begin. 

Adult Non Fiction: 

The Misadventures of Awkward Black Girl  Being an introvert in a world that glorifies cool isn’t easy. But when Issa Rae, the creator of the Shorty Award–winning hit series “The Misadventures of Awkward Black Girl,” is that introvert—whether she’s navigating love, work, friendships, or “rapping”—it sure is entertaining. Now, in this debut collection of essays written in her witty and self-deprecating voice, Rae covers everything from cybersexing in the early days of the Internet to deflecting unsolicited comments on weight gain, from navigating the perils of eating out alone and public displays of affection to learning to accept yourself—natural hair and all.

The Watsons Go to Birmingham--1963
Christopher Paul Curtis
Paperback | Dec 2000
in store $8.99
Henry Aaron's Dream
Matt Tavares
Paperback | Feb 2015
in store $6.00
Brown Girl Dreaming
Jacqueline Woodson
Hardcover | Aug 2014
in store $18.99
Taking Flight
Michaela DePrince
Hardcover | Oct 2014
in store $19.99
The Underground Railroad
Lizann Flatt
Paperback | Mar 2015
in store $11.95
Natalie Hyde
Paperback | Feb 2015
in store $11.95
Civil Rights
Hilary Staton
Paperback | Feb 2015
in store $11.95
Binge Drinking
James Bow
Paperback | Feb 2015
in store $11.95
Digital Dangers
Rachel Stuckey
Paperback | Feb 2015
in store $11.95
Kate Parkinson
Paperback | Jan 2015
in store $9.99
The People Could Fly
Virginia Hamilton
Paperback | Jan 2015
in store $8.99
We Live Here Too
Nancy Loewen
Paperback | Sep 2002
in store $12.95
Mama, Do You Love Me?
Barbara M Joosse
Paperback | Mar 2014
in store $9.99
Wangari Maathai
Franck Prevot
Hardcover | Jan 2015
in store $19.95
When the Wind Blows
Stacy Clark
Hardcover | Feb 2015
in store $23.95
The Book with No Pictures
B J Novak
Hardcover | Sep 2014
in store $19.99
Yeti and the Bird
Nadia Shireen
Hardcover | Feb 2015
in store $21.99
Harlem Renaissance
Faith Ringgold
Hardcover | Jan 2015
in store $21.99
Last Stop on Market Street
Matt De La Pena
Hardcover | Jan 2015
in store $18.99
My Pen
Christopher Myers
Hardcover | Mar 2015
in store $17.99
Emmanuel's Dream
Laurie Ann Thompson
Hardcover | Jan 2015
in store $20.99
My Three Best Friends and Me, Zulay
Cari Best
Hardcover | Jan 2015
in store $20.50
Seeds of Freedom
Hester Bass
Hardcover | Jan 2015
in store $19.00
I is for Idea
Marcia Schonberg
Hardcover | Aug 2005
in store $17.95
John Henry
Ezra Jack Keats
Hardcover | Dec 2014
in store $20.99

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